JZA Advisory & Tax

The JZA Story

JZA Advisory and Tax has been a successful business for the past 30 years, and while we are proud of our experience we don’t rest on our laurels. In fact, we are still driven by the same passion for people that led to the inception of JZA all those years ago. We believe that it is only through authentic relationships that we can help our clients achieve what is best for their business, namely optimisation and growth.

The JZA Growth Trajectory

As we have optimised and grown our own business over the years, we now enjoy an extended  business network that helps our clients manage their finances holistically.

Our Commitment Defined

As your business partner, we add value by stimulating growth and optimisation through the provision of innovative advice and solutions in all compliance matters to ensure that you enjoy peace of mind.

Partnership for optimisation and growth

Many businesses lack the innovation and guidance to take their business beyond their current confines. This is no fault of their own, though: It cannot be expected of every business owner to be an expert in finance. And that’s a good thing, because partnering with someone else to upgrade and maintain their financial engine, means that they get to dedicate their time to the pursuit of greatness.



Mutual respect


Continuous improvement

Clear communication


Shared goals